2017 Activities

2017 Festival Activities Information Coming Soon!

2016 Activities

Wee World Wanderers Club

The only luggage you might need for this world experience is a diaper bag!  Bring your wee ones down to the Festival of Nations on Saturday morning from 10AM – 1:00PM.  Discover the world through international family-friendly programming including youth dance performances, storytelling, and puppet shows. Strollers welcome!

Spook-lore & Eearie Tales

Join us on Saturday evening as we explore the darker side of the world’s folklore.  Visit the Thai cultural exhibit and hear the ghostly tale of Mae Nak Phra Khanong, learn more about Krampus – St. Nick’s frightening Austrian companion, and listen to legends of the Tibetan Yeti (Abominable Snowman).  The evening will also include theme-inspired entertainment on the World Stage in Roy Wilkins Auditorium beginning at 9PM.

Green Card Voices

Green Card Voices returns to the Festival of Nations with their photo exhibit “Immigrants Telling Their Lexplore5ife Stories”, designed to advance their mission of sharing immigrant stories with as many people as possible. The exhibit includes portraits of immigrants, their 200-word bio, a quote and a QR code (viewers can scan them with iphone/ipad and watch the first-person video stories). The latter is especially a novel way to engage with the audience and has been received with positive reviews.

Guthrie Theater explore6

Learn the art of storytelling from some of the Twin Cities’ most accomplished actors and theater professionals through daily workshops! Discover more about the Guthrie Theater’s events, programming, and performances at www.guthrietheater.org.

Concordia Language Villages

Hundreds of students and thousands of families will have the golden opportunity to experience a part of the Language Villages this weekend at the 2016 Festival of Nations. Concordia Language Villages will offer language instruction in ten languages to school groups on Thursday and Friday (May 5 and May 6) and similexplore7ar activities and lessons to families on Saturday and Sunday (May 7 and May 8). This is a wonderful opportunity for families to learn a new language through Concordia Language Villages’ acclaimed immersion methods.