About us

For nearly 85 years, the Festival of Nations has inspired people throughout the region to discover more about our world and embrace the rich cultural diversity brought to us by immigrants from around the globe.

In 2018, the Festival will continue its legacy as the longest running multicultural festival in the Midwest and, once again, collaborate with more than 90 ethnic groups to create a truly unique experience – one that celebrates cultural heritage and provides our community’s immigrants with a platform to express their stories through world-class performances, exhibits, ethnic cuisine, and personal connections.


International Institute of Minnesota

Founded in 1919, the International Institute of Minnesota was created to address the growing need for resources and transitional support dedicated to immigrant families arriving in Minnesota. Today, the Institute remains committed to its mission to “help New Americans achieve self-sufficiency and full membership in American life,” striving to be a beacon for those seeking sanctuary and a new way of life.