INTERACT with folk artisans dedicated to preserving the techniques and methods passed down through generations to create exceptional handicrafts.


2018 DEMONSTRATIONS: African Warrior Bow & Raffia Costume Making, American Indian Silversmith, Chinese Caligraphy, Chinese Lingnam Flower & Bird Painting, Colombian Fiber Wall Tapestries, Czech & Slovak Egg Decorating, Ecuadorian Loom Weaving, German Star Making, German Porcelain Painting, Ghanaian Hair Braiding, Hmong Needlework, Indian Henna & Rangoli, Indian Traditional Painting, International Lace Making, Iraqi Caricature & Arabic Calligraphy, Italian Bocce Ball, Japanese Kimono Demonstrations, Khmer Angkorian Arts, Mexican Textiles, Mongolian Yurt Building, Native American Beadwork, Norwegian Hardanger, Polish Folk Art, Russian Folk Arts, Scandinavian Viking Age Crafts, Senegalese Pottery, Somali Finger Weaving, Swiss Woodcarving & Ukrainian Egg Decorating.