2018 Featured Performances


Headlining Performances

  Cre.Ture Crew K-pop Dance

Come and witness one of our local K-pop competition dance teams!

K-pop has become one of the most successful genres in the world, fostering a seemingly endless stream of new talent and mobilizing millions of fans on social media daily.

Cre.ture Crew aims to develop talented, confident, and responsible dancers by combining their passions for k-pop and urban dance.

Friday, May 4
8:00 pm Café Stage (International Café Area)


Lau Hawaiian Collective

Enjoy and evening of live Hawaiian music and dancing with Lau Hawaiian Collective

Lau Hawaiian Collective is a group of performing artists dedicated to the perpetuation of Hawaiian music with reverence and imagination. Their concerts and performances illuminate the journey of Hawaii’s musical traditions through an ever-changing global landscape. They use a variety of traditional and contemporary vocal styles, musical instruments, and movements to highlight the connections between music, history, and present-day cultures. Lau Hawaiian Collective strives to continually embrace a spirit of welcoming, a love of learning, and a sparkling enthusiasm for sharing music and ideas.

Saturday, May 5
8:00 pm Café Stage (International Café Area)


Featured Visiting Group Performances

Taiwan Dance Performance – National Taiwan University of Sport

Experience a special performance of the National Taiwan University of Sport.

This performance will immerse you in the rich and diverse Taiwanese culture, showcasing song, dance, music and drama. In both Chinese and English you’ll enjoy both contemporary and traditional features in a whole new style with beautiful and innovative choreography.

Friday, May 4
12:00 pm Atrium Stage


Chiang Mai Cultural Exchange Center

Join us on the World Stage to see dancers from the Chiang Mai Cultural Exchange Center, in Northern Thailand. This is the 10th year the dancers are sharing their culture in performances thoughout America and Europe.

The dancers will perform dances from four distinct regions of Thailand. Each region’s style of dance is different; expressed through unique dance movements, music and costumes. Although each region’s dance style is different, they are all unified through a common culture and tradition.

Saturday, May 5
7:00 pm World Stage (Roy Wilkins Auditoreum)

In addition to traditional ethnic dancing and musicians, the 2018 Festival of Nations will feature incredible special performances and activities. 


2018 Cafe & Atrium Stages

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