2017 Headlining Concerts


Friday, May 5/8:00 PM/Cafe Stage

Experience the sounds of Americana with the Gypsy Lumberjacks showcasing World Beat, Flamenco, Caribbean, Gypsy Jazz and Bluegrass.  Friday evening only!


Saturday, May 6/8:00 PM/Cafe Stage

Malamanya is comprised of musicians who share a mutual respect and enthusiasm for traditional rhythms and melodies from Cuba and Latin America.  Saturday evening only!


2017 Visiting Performance Groups

Taiwan National University of Arts

The Festival is thrilled to be hosting a dance group from the Taiwan National University of Arts. The students are professionally trained in a wide variety of dance styles, including ballet, modern dance, traditional Chinese and folk dances, and aboriginal dance. This year the university is presenting a combination of traditional ethnic dances featuring elements of American jazz.

 Khmer Legacy Museum Visiting Performers

The Festival is partnering with the Khmer Legacy Cambodian Museum & Performing Arts Center in St. Paul to present a group of performers and artists visiting from Cambodia.  The group will be participating in a number of Festival areas, including on the World Stage and in the Folk Art Demonstrations.  In addition, the performers will present a Chai Yum – a traditional parade featuring giant puppets and live music.

See here for an example:



Throughout the Festival, more than 100 music and dance groups perform continuously on three different stages.


2017 Student World Stage Schedule

2017 World Stage Schedule

2017 Atrium Stage Schedule

2017 Cafe Stage Schedule

2017 Cultural Exhibits Storytelling Stage Schedule and Performers

2017 Cultural Exhibits Storytelling Stage w Musicians

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